NatureCredits Our Manifesto

We need more nature: to cool the planet, to bring back biodiversity, and to do justice to our children.
37% of the climate problem can be solved in the next 10 years through nature restoration.
But the crux is that we start now.
And that we radically do things different.
That's why we are here.

NatureCredits is the world's first platform that directly links supply and demand for nature restoration projects.
Clients know what they get, with progress and impact being 100% transparent.
This reduces costs and risks.
Our projects all restore nature, combining climate and biodiversity impact.

More nature now.
Join us.


How it works

Restore my own nature?
Landowners offer nature restoration as a service. You can select the number of hectares you want to restore. The restoration service is for one year. After that year, the project is offered again on our platform.

What do I get?
Companies, employees, investors, clients, consumers – we all increasingly care about our environmental footprint. By restoring nature, you reduce this footprint. You can expect the following returns:

- A certificate showing how many hectares of nature you are restoring, including the exact location, period and other conditions.
- On our website you can follow your project with the latest satellite images including analytical tools to track the project.
- Every quarter you receive a report including photos, which you can use for internal and external communication, during the project period.
- At the end of the period, you receive an impact report from an independent, certified organization including an estimate of the CO2 your project has captured, and the biodiversity impact. You can use this report to support your climate impact report.

1. Charismatic projects full of impact: Passionate landowners create the most beautiful nature restoration projects that not only capture CO2, but also contribute greatly to healthy soil, water management and biodiversity. You can visit your own project and receive photos and bite-sized content that can be used for internal and external communications.
2. Short lines, low costs: The landowner is responsible for nature restoration. And that makes restoration cheap and sustainable. There is no need to purchase land or employ expensive companies. NatureCredits charges a margin of 12.5%, which is needed for external monitoring. This means that 87.5% of your money goes directly to nature restoration (for comparison: in tree planting and CO2 projects, typically less than 50% ends up in actual, on-the-ground implementation).
3. Reliable impact: We measure impact in 3 ways: (1) the landowner sends quarterly reports; (2) we use satellite photos to measure progress; and (3) we send local experts to visit the project annually to check everything. All reports are shared on the platform and if there is no progress, we stop a project and repay clients the amount for the remaining period.

How do you ensure high quality?
1. Projects on our site have been verified. This means our local experts have done KYC on landowner, and an analysis of the project plan and the baseline.
2. Every quarter, the landowner sends a report outlining activities and developments.
3. We pay the landowner receives the money (our commission is 12.5%) and can start your project.
4. You can visit your project. These visits are arranged through the NatureHub. You can find all reports concerning your project on your personal webpage (expected: Q3-2023).
5. At the end of your project, you will receive the impact report. This is prepared by independent experts. It shows how much CO2 you have captured and how much biodiversity your project has created.
6. If you like your project, you can buy credits for the next year. Just be on time!

Information for Landowners