NatureCredits Landowners

Are you considering nature restoration?
Welcome! Your work is essential, and we are keen to support you. Below we answer some questions we frequently receive from landowners:

What do I sell?
As a landowner, you restore nature on (part of) your land. Through our platform, we offer your restoration project to companies and consumers, who want to make a nature positive impact. The minimum selling unit is 1 hectare and the standard contract period is 1 year. All impact that is produced by the project (carbon, biodiversity) belongs to the buyer.

Is my nature project eligible?
We maintain a few simple criteria:

(1) Your project is at least 10 hectares (100,000 m2).
(2) You hold the legal right to sell nature credits (you own or lease the land and have not sold impact credits to others.
(3) Your commitment towards nature restoration is permanent (15 years or more).
(4) Your nature restoration project cannot happen without selling nature credits.
(5) Your nature restoration project will not harm other people or adversely affect land outside of yours.
(6) Your project meets the IUCN standard for nature-based solutions
(7) Your plan meets these 5 minimum characteristics for land regeneration: no tilling, no pesticides, no deworming, no monoculture and no overgrazing.
(8) No deforestation took place in the last 5 years (except for monoculture of non-autochthonous species).

Can you give examples of nature restoration interventions?
(1) Rewilding (fence removal, natural grazing, assisted natural regeneration)
(2) Landscape restoration (works for water retenton, rewetting)
(3) Improved forestry (tree planting to stimulate biodiversity)
(4) Regenerative agriculture (permanent cover crops, no-tillage, no pesticides/herbicides/deworming)
(5) Other interventions, as long as they sustainably regenerate land

What do I need to do in order to start?
(1) Fill out the contact form mentioning your land's size and location.
(2) One of our team members calls you for an onboarding interview.
(3) If you meet the criteria, you present your project and elaborate a nature restoration plan. Our team is there to support you.
(4) Our local experts visit you for baseline definition, advice and validation.
(5) We publish your project on our website and help you identify buyers.
(6) Once buyers sign up, you will receive the proceeds in quarterly instalments to start implementing the project.

And what can I expect afterwards?
(1) You implement your project according to your land regeneration plan.
(2) You submit a brief quarterly progress report including photos and/or video. Our team is there to support you with tips.
(3) Upon validaton of you quarterly progress report, we disburse the next quarterly payment.
(4) Buyers of your project may come and visit your land. You show them the project.
(5) After 12 months, we do an impact analysis. We calculate the impact your project has made. This forms the basis of your score. You can again present your project on our site.

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