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We see two overarching crises in the world: climate change and biodiversity loss. The oldest and most affordable solution to both crises is large scale nature restoration. It can solve 37% of the climate change crisis in the coming 10 years. If we start now. But we all feel we can't do much about it. This is the problem NatureCredits is solving. We empower everyone to become a nature restorer. And have a substantial positive impact. We do this by making nature restoration accessible, affordable and transparent.

Our clients

“Young professionals want to work for a nature-positive company. All our employees now restore 1 hectare of nature in Portugal. Everyone is excited and a delegation has visited the project recently” (HR Manager, private equity firm)

“Our travelers were skeptical about CO2 compensation. So they can now restore between 500 and 5,000 square meters per booking. They like it as it is more concrete and more impactful.” (Sustainability Manager, travel company)