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Terra Agora

Land information

€ 148 per Ha per year

200 hectares

Fernando Terra Agora



Restoration of part of a former eucalyptus plantation with potential to grow to 1,600 hectares


  • Introduction: My name is Fernando and I am the Terra Agora project coordinator. I represent the owners, and I have been working in the area for some years. As a biologist I see this project as a once in a lifetime opportunity to boost nature recovery at scale.
  • Challenges: The land is under serious climate change hazards such as drought and fires. The previous land use - eucalyptus plantations and intensive crop production - has caused the soil to erode.
  • Opportunities: This is part of a large area of 1,600 hectares with a low population density. The area can become a wildlife corridor as it is connecting protected areas.
  • Regeneration goal: Our aim is to regenerate the land - with more varied vegetation and animals roaming around, the soil will become more healthy, and the landscape will become cooler, more humid, and a buffer for climate change. We also value active involvement of people in the area - ultimately our goal is the well-being of the next generations.
  • Regeneration roadmap: Our approach is to assist natural regeneration to happen. How will we do it? Identifying and then protecting the tree and shrub species we want to promote; undertaking some earthworks to increase water retention and planting new tree/shrub species adatpted to this environment.
  • Impact: We expect this project to sequester 4.7 tCO2 per hectare from the atmosphere per annum. The actual carbon capture will depend on rainfall and other conditions, and will be measured by satellite data as well as ground visits by independent experts. The impact on biodiversity is moderate - the area has not been intensively farmed for years but the project will help to manage water resources which are expected to have a positive impact on the flora and fauna species richness in the area.

Justin Roborg-Söndergaard

Expert review

This project is the biggest private nature regeneration initiative in Portugal. It presents key challenges related to fire and drought risks but it also offers important opportunities related with the significant commuity engagement that has been built in, a strongly motivated experts team and scale. Combined I expect we'll have a significant increase in carbon sequestration and biodiversity.